Always Carry Your “Anxiety Kit” While Driving

The importance of having a support system when you have an anxiety attack on the road is just as important as having insurance in the event of an automotive emergency. You need your insurance card in the event of an accident, as well as your driver’s license and registration. Would you leave home without these items? Of course, you wouldn’t.

Image result for woman driving car

Suffering from anxiety and panic disorder are just as important. In the event of an anxiety attack while you’re on the road, keep your “Anxiety Kit” in your glovebox, console, or wherever you can easily reach it.

We are people-not cars! But the truth is many of us treat our automobiles better than we treat ourselves! Below is a list of items that you should carry wherever you go in your car. I call it my “Anxiety Kit.”

Here is an essential list that you should keep with you at all times:

  1. Your Psychiatrist’s phone number
  2. Your Therapist/Preacher/or Psychotherapist’s number: Are you going to a therapist for anxiety treatment? I’ve found that going to my preacher helps just as well, but truly whatever works for you is what is most important.
  3. The number of a friend that can help you through your panic attacks: Carry the number of a trusted friend at all times! When you’re having a panic attack do you have someone you can trust to call and talk you through it? This has been an obstacle for me in the past year until I met someone that I felt I could be honest with.
  4. A good book that helps with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy): Try to find one that speaks to you and bookmark the most important pages in the event of a panic attack.
  5. Cash in the event that your anxiety is so bad that you may need an Uber to get home.
  6. Any medications that you are on for anxiety: Don’t leave the house without your anxiety medication, and always take it is prescribed! In the event of an emergency, you don’t want to have an anxiety attack without your meds on you!Image result for woman driving car

You need this “Anxiety Kit” to ensure you are maintaining the health of your disorder. Preparation eases anxiety attacks. Be sure to be prepared at all times.





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